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Welcome to TechRadar Gaming Week 2022

2022 is drawing to a close, but there’s plenty of time left to squeeze into one of our favorite annual events: TechRadar PC Gaming Week.

The PC is still – at least for us – the best place to play games. A wide range of titles, from giant A-games to little-known indie gems, make PC the ultimate platform, whether you’re playing on a beefy rig or an old laptop – or if you’re lucky, on the awesome Steam platform Valve’s Handy Deck.

With several major launches in the graphics and processor divisions this year, PC gaming is in a strong position in terms of hardware. What about the games themselves? We’ve been poring over all sorts of gaming-related offerings this year, and we’re thrilled to bring a wealth of fresh writing talent to your reading pleasure. Scroll down to find all of the Gaming Week 2022 articles – we’ll be adding more as they go live throughout the week, so check back tomorrow!

(Image credit: One more level, 3D Realms)

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