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Elon Musk may be working on an ‘anti-awakening’ version of ChatGPT – and it sucks for AI

The explosion in popularity of the artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot ChatGPT is something to be admired and feared (just a little), with more and more companies looking to incorporate it into their products as soon as possible. Meta and Twitter will likely be next in Silicon Valley Scramble for AI, and no one seems to be sure what that could mean for users.

We have already witnessed the so-called failures of Microsoft’s new ChatGPT-based Bing and how quickly Microsoft had to act to try to fix the problems the chatbot was facing. Many of the fixes that needed to be made centered around the way people interacted with Bing AI, “jailbreaking” the bot, getting inaccurate answers, and how the bot generally went crazy when confronted with its own existence. This is certainly relatable, but these are all problems that had to be dealt with quickly due to the rush with which the product was rolled out.

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