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Cheapest sale Google Home 2022

Selling Google Home can be a lifesaver for anyone who equips their home with a virtual assistant. Whether you’re looking for a series of smart displays or more discreet speaker systems, you’ll be pleased to know that we regularly see Google Home offers across devices. Knowing where to find these deals is often the hardest thing, which is why this is where we summarize all the best prices across the range.

The Google Home family of smart speakers is one of the most popular smart speakers on the market for the convenience of voice control. And don’t tell Alexa, but the Google Assistant has proved to be much smarter at responding to our requests. The Google Home and Google Home Mini are roughly on par with the Amazon Echo range in terms of sound quality for music, but the newer Google Home Max honestly smashes each Amazon Echo speaker for music fans who want to feel every beat.

New features and apps are added all the time, but now you can stream music from Google Play, Spotify, Tunein or your phone. There are also smart tech features to pair it with, so watch in awe as the smart lights and thermostats tell you what to do. Even basic functions prove extremely useful, such as adding items to your shopping list and to-do items, or setting alarms – no more burnt pizza!

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Google Mini Socket

Like Home Mini, but a bit louder

Size: 1.65 x 3.85 inches | Microphones: 3 | Screen: No | Aux Input: No | Colors: Chalk, coal, coral, sky | Introductory Price: $ 49 / £ 49 / A $ 79

Google Assistant updated with machine learning

Boosted Bass for Bigger Sound

Capacitive touch control

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