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2023 Presidents Day TV Show Sale: Today’s Best Early Deals

Your guide to the best President’s Day TV sales with all of today’s best early deals on 4K, QLED and OLED displays from retailers like Best Buy, Samsung and Amazon. We’ve scoured the web to bring together all the best President’s Day TV sales and exclusive deals in one place.

Televisions are one of the most popular categories during the Presidents’ Day sale, with record-low prices from brands like Samsung, Sony and LG. Retailers typically offer impressive discounts on last year’s premium display, as well as bargains from budget brands like Insignia, TCL and Hisense. You’ll find everything from a 43-inch smart TV to a massive 75-inch display, with features like QLED and voice control at different prices to meet your needs.

It’s Presidents Day February 20, and retailers like Samsung have already started their official sales, and we should start seeing more deals drop after Valentine’s Day. Below you’ll find today’s best Presidents’ Day TV sales, followed by the best TV deals from retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart and more.

Today’s best early sales for President’s Day TV shows

President’s Day TV deal of the week

Today’s best President’s Day TV deals

When is Presidents Day 2023?

Presidents’ Day always falls on the third Monday in February, so this year it is the date February 20, 2023. The holiday was initially celebrated on George Washington’s birthday (February 22), but was moved in 1971 to accommodate the long holiday weekend.

When do the President’s Day TV show sales start?

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